This Hat is delighted to announce its partnership with Crisis! 50% of profits from every “This Hat Wants Change” [White] beanie will be donated to support the incredible work by Crisis in the UK.

Crisis is the UK’s national charity for homeless people. They help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the change needed to solve it altogether. Every year, Crisis works side-by-side with thousands of homeless people at 11 Skylight centres across the UK. These centres help people leave homelessness behind for good through education and training, as well as support with housing, employment and health and wellbeing.

We are so keen to support Crisis given that they realise that homelessness has many different faces, and they strive to eradicate homelessness in its entirety. Rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness, but there are a wide range of situations where one can be described as “homeless”. With Crisis, one thing that we want to do is make clear that there are many different aspects to homelessness that need to be understood. In understanding each type of homelessness, we can provide better support and a better view of homelessness as a whole. With that in mind, we urge you to read Crisis’ page on the varying forms that homelessness can take:

Crisis wants to make change, and they persevere with their mission through thick and thin. Over Christmas and despite Covid-19, Crisis were able to provide support to 2,004 people experiencing homelessness. We want to help them to continue to make more positive change and are very excited about the things we can achieve together. 

On partnering with This Hat, Crisis had this to say: 

“Homelessness is not inevitable and at Crisis we are determined to make the changes needed to end it for good. We are thrilled that This Hat share our passion and look forward to making an impact with them through this exciting partnership.” 

(Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive of Crisis)


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