ThisHat is ecstatic to announce its partnership with the Wildland Firefighter Foundation! 

Founded in 1994, The Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides much needed emergency support for the families of fallen firefighters. Families left behind, many of whom have young children, often find themselves with few resources and this is where the foundation steps in to help. 

To aid the struggling families, WFF offers a variety of much needed services. These include: grief and bereavement support, tragedy assistance, financial support and suicide prevention and resilience programs. On top of these a feature that really stood out to us was their “Camp Hope” program, which offers a retreat for the grieving children of deceased firefighters. Upon their arrival at camp, Wildland children are paired with a wildland firefighter buddy who will accompany them to camp and act as a connecting, supportive presence. WFF truly treasures and maintains the firefighting community and their thoughtful initiatives are thoroughly endearing. We have attached links to their socials at the bottom and we implore you to take some time to further investigate what they do. 

On their partnership with us, WFF had this to say:

“Here’s a great example of global support as our Mega Fires are winding down here in the US, and things are heating up overseas. We are humbled that ThisHat and its customers would step up and contribute to our foundation. With these funds, we’ll ensure our fallen and injured firefighter heroes and their families will continue to receive the help they deserve." 

Find out more about WFF and the incredible work they do here:



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