ThisHat is proud to announce its newly formed partnership with Big Blue Ocean Clean Up! 

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is one of the world’s leading ocean clean-up non-profits. They have removed over 1 million kg of rubbish from the oceans and provide valuable help protecting marine wildlife. They are also at the forefront of technology development and scientific research regarding sustainable living and ocean conservation. They are both protecting our current environment and securing a better one for the future.

The reason we are so delighted to partner with BBOC is because, like every charity we aim to partner with, they go above and beyond in achieving their mission. One thing that stood out to us in particular was their education programme which provides free online material aimed at those 7-14 years old, with the intention of offering them an understanding of how ocean pollution impacts the natural world and what they can do about the situation. The educational videos are also interactive and fun, which offers a refreshing break from typical learning outlets. BBOC go about things in a different way, and have fun doing it, this aligns highly with our own mentality and consequently we are very excited to work with them. We implore you to check out their socials which, along with their own statement on the partnership, are situated below. 

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup’s Statement:

BBOC are delighted to be partnering with ThisHat on their ‘This Hat Cleans Oceans’ beanie. ThisHat truly care about protecting the oceans and our new partnership will hugely benefit the marine environment. We look forward to an exciting year ahead together with the ThisHat team.”

For more info, visit their website:

Instagram: @bigblueoceancleanup

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