This Hat Talks: Psych Apparel

Interview by: Katy Bradbury 

Psych apparel is a clothing brand that preaches body positivity and loving yourself. Starting out as a depop shop, the brand has grown substantially and now has pieces featured on the ASOS marketplace. For this episode of This Hat Talks, we spoke to the brand's founder, Gaby, to further discuss the meaning of her brand and to learn more about her fantastic new body confidence launch - 'Psyched to Be Me'. 

Can you explain why you started Psych and what the meaning behind it was?

Psych is short for ‘psychedelic’ meaning colourful! I love all things bright, pretty and comfortable. It came about quite naturally, I was just making a picture collage on my laptop one day and decided to get it printed on a T-shirt. A while after that I started printing my own T-shirts and selling them on Depop. It wasn’t until Feb 2020 that a friend in my uni fashion society suggested I put some in the fashion show. When I was getting ready for the show I decided to make it more of a brand with a cohesive image and Psych was born! I’ve always had a very specific idea in my head of clothing items that I wanted but I could never find exactly what I was looking for, Psych is a good way for me to make these things a reality.

Your new collection ‘Psyched to Be Me’ is launching and looks amazing, what inspired this collection?

Thank you so much! It was inspired by conversations I was having with friends and family about various body image struggles especially in the age of social media. I wanted to make something as a little reminder to everyone that we are all beautiful in our own way. This is why I added the labels to the collection which are a collection of responses from my community about their favourite things about themselves. I want people to feel confident in the clothes and at the same time have a nice little reminder about why they’re all amazing.

Why do you think self-love and body positivity is so important in today’s world?

I think body image issues have been a problem for a long time but I think the rise social media has definitely made things worse. There’s so much damaging content out there especially on apps like Tik Tok which have a very young audience. It’s very easy to compare yourself to what you’re seeing online and also very easy to forget that a lot of the time what you’re seeing is not real anyway. People are often looked down on for openly loving themselves but I think it’s so so important to embrace your individuality and appreciate the things that make you, you. Sounds morbid but I saw something recently that said when you’re on your death bed you will be thinking purely about your memories you have and the friends you made, not how you looked at the time.

You’re donating money to BEAT charity; can you explain what they do and why they were the chosen charity?

BEAT is a charity that aims to end the suffering caused by eating disorders. It is such a worthy cause especially due to the spike in eating disorders that has resulted from the UKs multiple lockdowns. In summary, they run a help line for people affected by EDs, run campaigns to raise awareness and fundraise for better quality care. There’s lots of other viral work they do which you can read about on their website:

 Lastly, what is your favourite thing about your new collection?

I can’t decide!! Aesthetically I love how the clothes look, the artwork is so amazing, it was done by the incredibly talented @_beckykatie. I love the inclusion of all different body types looking equally beautiful which was the main point of the design. Aside from that it’s been so amazing to do something a little more meaningful than usual, and to support such an important charity while doing it.

Be sure to check out hew new line which is launching today! Be quick as I’m sure it will sell out quickly!

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