This Hat Blogs: Wellbeing Resources for University Students

Author: Alex Leather

The university experience has changed drastically due to the impact of COVID-19, which has taken a toll on student wellbeing. The days of in-person socializing have been replaced with Zoom calls and studying from our bedrooms have become the new norm. To many, this change has not been easy, which is why focusing on student wellbeing has become so important. Looking after yourself and staying healthy, both physically and emotionally, is crucial to performing well and avoiding a burnout. Below are some resources to help you cope with student life during such an unpredictable time.

Please note that these resources are intended to be used as additional support, not as a substitute for professional help.


Student Minds

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Student minds encourages students to focus on their mental health. They provide support and are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve student wellbeing. You can join their peer support programs and find more resources to help you cope with the stresses of university life.


Student Space

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Student Space is a hub for wellbeing resources and advice for any situation you may be facing. They provide, phone, webchat, text message and email support to help you through whatever challenge. Student Space is led by Student Minds, so there’s confidence in knowing that the support provided has been developed by the collective efforts of students, service users, professionals and academics.


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MindSET is a free, interactive, online show held on Zoom every week. It gives you the tools needed to help you manage feelings of anxiety and distress. It’s hosted by qualified mental health professionals and encourages you to interact with the tools and information provided, in a confidential and safe way as no other audience members will be able to speak or have their camera on.



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Side-by-Side is a supportive online community that allows users to talk about mental health and connect with others who have experienced similar situations. The platform was created by Mind, one of UK’s biggest mental health charities. It’s a safe, respectful and friendly way to receive and provide mental health peer support.


Every Mind Matters

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Every Mind Matters is a NHS campaign that provides expert advice and practical tips for looking after your wellbeing. They have a section for resources on how to cope during coronavirus, and a quiz that creates a plan to help you deal with your struggles.


I hope you’ve all found something you can use to help you cope with whatever you may be going through. With all that being said, have a lovely day and remember that you are enough.